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Learn and after obtaining the necessary information, which itself is essential that candidates wishing to improve with experience.

This intensely paced course exams and  trial period, you will enter into the school, there may be ups and downs in the exam results.This period exam to prepare a term you want to enter.

But while trying to enter exams ready, it will make preparations comfortable? Or will you be forced?

Work with your lack of knowledge by collecting electronically, minimize your mistakes is an important alternative learning methods you are supporting your preparation more comfortable in this direction.

You can reach easily from the Internet geometry question bank-narrated books, you can complete the topics you want to go out you see missing or download as many documents related lecture notes.

Leading more than half, while walking in the exams in school subjects, the school can not be finished somehow, this can give us the feeling of helplessness when we confront again with questions about these issues in the trial exam.

The feeling that I am giving up now and I just let it go is gone.Whatever my exam result will be, we can say.

We’re doing the air perhaps hands.

But there we are moving to a point … what can I do on my course of It is understood that success? How can I accomplish? How can I move up or performance? If you continue without questions asked us to bring this lost exam. 

Geometric visibility and ability to improve the perception people at the abundance of “problem solved” We know that should be examined, as we wanted to show the solution of open questions.

The first correct step we will take will give us the opportunity to learn the next topic more easily.For this, we attach great importance to the first issues of geometry.Especially if we can learn about the subject of triangles, it will be easier to understand these issues when we come across rectangular-square, rectangular, trapezoid, parallelogram, deltoid, polygons, circles.

We recommend that you try to solve the Math-Geometry tests first by yourself.After you go deep in and solved the problem, you will eliminate the problems.You should check the problem you have repeatedly and determine where you made a mistake.

If you can determine how much experience to yourself, your chances of solving the questions would be so high.

We have prepared all parsed geometry tests with  geometry formulas  and proof of a systematic fashion from easy to difficult, detailed, we made sure to be an understandable expression.

Free Geometry Textbook, geometry formulas and proofs to the Bank of PDF can access the file by clicking the download button.

Chapter 1-) Geometry Textbook PDF  (1-40 pages)

pdf geometri

Chapter 2-) Geometry Textbook PDF  (41-79 pages)

pdf geometri

Chapter 3-) Geometry Formulas and Proofs PDF (80-92 pages)

pdf geometri


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Parallel Lines Test-1.pdf

doğruda açılar test pdf

Parallel Lines Test-2.pdf

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Angles in Triangle Test-1.pdf

üçgende açılar test pdf

Angles in Triangle Test-2.pdf

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Special Right Triangle Test-1.pdf

dik ve özel üçgenler test pdf

Special Right Triangle Test-2.pdf

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Special Right Triangle Test-3.pdf

ikizkenar üçgen test pdf

Special Right Triangle Test-4.pdf

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Special Right Triangle Test-5.pdf

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Area of Triangle Test-1.pdf

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Triangle Side Inequalities Test-1.pdf

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Bisector Test-1.pdf

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Polygons Test-1.pdf

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Trapezoid Test-1.pdf

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Rectangular-Square Test-1.pdf


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