Geometry Questions

There are basic level questions related to the Geometry lesson.These problems are; It is about finding areas and circles of triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles, and other shapes.Various problems with finding angles are also included.

The questions are mostly based on simple Geometry concepts or theorems that we all go through in our high school textbooks, but there are some tough ones, and the problem needs to be understood before trying to find a solution.

You can test your skills on a range of geometry tests. Detailed solutions are provided in the Geometry PDF page.

Geometry Test-2
21 February

Question 14-) If a + b + c + d = 260 °, e + f = 20x; How many...

Geometry Test-1
21 February

Angle in Triangle, Angle in Rectangle, Area in Trapezoid, Geometry Trapezoid Area, Inner Tangent Circle Center, Outer Tangent Circle Center,...