Triangle Tests

Most Geometry tests require you to know a lot about triangles, in which students will use all properties, including height, median, bisector, perpendicular center, center of gravity, circumference, and area to solve the missing parts of triangles and polygons made up of triangles.Remember the rules and answer the geometry questions.The triangle tests collected under 7 subheadings are as follows;

  • Angles in parallel lines
  • Angles of a triangle
  • Special right triangles
  • Area of a triangle
  • Bisector of a triangle
  • Median of a triangle
  • Triangle angle side relationship
Special Right Triangles Test-4
18 February

Special Right Triangles Test-4 … Special Right Triangles Test-4 Problems Problem 1 : ABC is a triangle, [CK] perpendicular [AB],...

Special Right Triangles Test-3
18 February

Special right triangles test-3 … Special Right Triangles Test-3 Problems Problem 1 : If ABC is an isosceles triangle, [BE]...

Special Right Triangles Test-2
18 February

Special Right Triangles Test-2 … 30 60 90 triangle questions, 45 45 90 triangle questions, 15 75 90 triangle questions,...

Angles of a Triangle Test-1
16 February

Angles of a triangle test-1 … Angles of a Triangle Test-1 Problem 1 : In triangle ABC, if ∠DBA equals...